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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paying too much for gas?

My mpg varies varies from 26-32, on average I get ~28mpg. The lower your mpg the more you have to stop at the gas pump and spend more money. In addition, if you have a higher mpg you stop less at the gas pumps and spend less money. Before I used to fill my tank every week, so I was spending around 200-300 on gas each month. Now, I fill up 2-3 times a week, meaning I spend around 90-140 on gas every month.  To me spending 90-140 versus 200 is a save. These trips to the gas pump can accumulate and make you spend more more than you have to. I will give you examples of how much money you are  spending depending on your mpg. For example, if I got 30 mpg, over the next 5 years I would spend $8,772.50.  The reason I chose 3.509 is because I know over the next years gas prices are not going down, over the years sooner or later we are going to hit the $4 average. Here are MPG costs for 5 years based on the variables of traveling 300 miles each week and gas priced at 3.509:

15  MPG: $17,545
20 MPG: $13,158.75
25 MPG: $10,527
30 MPG: $8,772.50
35 MPG: $7,519.29
40 MPG: $ 6,579.38
45 MPG: $5,848.3
50 MPG: $ 5,263.5

These costs all add up in the long run. My car averages 21.5mpg according to the EPA, currently I am averaging 28 mpg. That means that I would  be SAVING $2,834 over the next 5 years! That's a lot of money. Whats your mpg costing you? Please help me with one click on  any ad. Thank so much for taking the time to read my material.

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