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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ground Wires

One system of the car that is overlooked is the electrical system of the car. Everything that powers your car electrically from headlights, stereo, to your spark plugs all require ground wires. The job of the ground wires in the car is to reduce electrical resistance and allow a free flow of electrons. If your car is not properly grounded, it will have more electrical resistance. Where are the ground wires? If you ever noticed any skinny cables connected from certain parts of the engine to the chassis? The contacts of your car should be clean of any rust or paint. If your car is not properly grounded then your will notice a slight difference in your car if you clean up your ground wires. Your cars electrical system will respond faster, so your car's computer can make quicker decisions and be more efficient. Other companies offer their own version of ground wires, but if you're on tight budget like me, you can improve your cars electrical system for free!

Ground wires of the battery and the computer.
Transmission ground wire.

Ground wire of the the headlamps.
Throttle body ground wires
Clean battery terminals.

In order to perform this job you will need a knife or a razor blade, a wire brush works best and most likely a 10mm socket to unbolt the screws and around 30 minutes of your time.
1. REMOVE the negative terminal cable from the battery in order to prevent any electrical hazards.
2. Find any ground wires on your car and inspect for a proper contact.
3. If you find any wires disconnect them using the 10mm wrench.
4. Carefully scrape off any paint off the surface until bare metal is seen.
5. Also clean the ground wire if it seems dirty.
6. Ensure all connections are clean and reconnect the wires to their proper location.
7. Reattach the negative terminal once you are done!

The benefits of this job will result in a better throttle response, less electric noise, stronger radio signal, quieter idle, faster starts, a louder stereo, faster computer response, smoother shifts, brighter headlights, brighter dashboard and slightly increased mpg. It all depends how many grounds you work on. As I have mentioned in my previous post, your battery will last longer if you regularly inspect the connections and they should be free of any dirt. Check your ground wires!

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