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Sunday, January 23, 2011


How is air important to a cars gas mileage? In order or a car to create energy they need air, fuel and a spark. Using these three ingredients a car can create energy and move forward. In the combustion process a certain amount of air and fuel is needed, the ratio is 14.7 to 1. Meaning for every 14.7 of air the cars computer will use 1 of fuel. If a car uses less air it is considered to run rich and if it uses more air it runs lean. The ratio of this air/fuel ratio is very important in a cars performance. This is why every sensor that measures air needs to be clean in order for the car to run efficiently at its peak performance. I will show you the manner in which the air enters the air snorkel and out the muffler using pictures.

1. Air is first sucked in via the air snorkel.
2. Air is filtered in the air box.

3. The MAF sensor  measures how much air is available.

4. Air is taken to the air intake.

5. Throttle body measures the air coming in.

6. The measured air is taken into the intake manifold.

7. The air and the fuel is ignited by the spark plugs.

8. Excess gases that builds up in the engine is released via the PCV valve to be burned again.

9.  The exhaust is released via the exhaust manifold.

10. The exhaust readings are measured by the oxygen sensors.

11. The EGR Valve recirculates the excess exhaust to be burned again.

12. The exhaust travels via the exhaust system and through the catalytic converter.

13. The exhaust is released out  the muffler.

And that's how air comes in and out your car!

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  1. It's more like how air is cycled through your car. Perfectly explained. Thank you very much!