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Monday, January 24, 2011


The cars battery is essential for it starting. Dirty terminals can have detrimental effects on the batteries life. A weak battery can cause hard starting and force the car to use more of its alternator power. When the car runs it relies on the alternator to operate the electrical equipment and charge the battery. It is important for the terminals of the battery to be clean and free of any corrosion. If the terminals are clean and it is properly grounded, then your battery can last you more than its life expectancy.

Positive terminal.
For my car, I cleaned the battery posts of each terminal and the cables as well. Depending on the make of your car, you may notice there is another wire connecting from the negative wire to the chassis or you may have a single wire.

My cars negative cable is grounded to the chassis. I noticed the terminal were not conducting properly. The connection of the chassis had paint on it, meaning that the electricity was not being properly grounded. What I did first was to remove the battery connections in order to prevent myself from being shocked. I then scraped of the paint of the surrounding area to the bare metal. In addition, I made sure everything was clean, I reconnected the wires to their proper place. By having routine battery check-ups, your cars battery will last longer and you will save money replacing the battery.

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