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Monday, January 24, 2011

Notice to the reader

As I have stated in my blog description, the main factors affecting your gas mileage is your cars maintenance and your driving behaviors. First I want to describe all the mechanical components that affect your car and then I will move onto driving behaviors. If your car is not running where it should be, then your quest to increase your gas mileage becomes difficult. Having your car in top condition is essential to its life. If you plan on keeping your car or cannot afford costly car troubles, it is best to check it before it can lead to further problems. When a car is running well it is more reliable, remember a car is like a girlfriend, if you don't take care of her she will not take care of you! A car that is well maintained will have less problems and have less unexpected problems in the future. Check those sensors and change those filters. Once your car is running in top shape, you will be ready to save even more money!

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