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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What will decrease your mpg?

I will make a list of the factors that will lower your gas mileage and make you spend more money.

1. A  car that is not well maintained.
2. Aggressive driving behaviors, such as jackrabbit start and hard braking.
3. Under inflated tires and also low tire thread. Your car will use more fuel to move forward.
4. A dirty fuel system and fuel injectors.
5. A dirty air filter.        
6. Old spark plugs... they can cause hard starts, hesitations, misfires and poor fuel economy.
7. Having junk in the trunk. :) Having unnecessary weight, your car uses more fuel to carry that extra weight.
8. A dirty throttle body, it can reduce throttle response, loss of power.
9. A poor ground wire system, they reduce electrical resistance which slightly reduces how well the engine runs.
10. Driving over the speed limit. Each 5mph over the speed limit can cost your more gas versus actually maintaining the speed limit.
11. Braking, each time you break you use fuel to stop the car.
12. Once you come at a standstill every car gets ZERO MPG (unless if you have a hybrid)! Waiting at red lights gets you ZERO mpg and is a complete waste of gas. The same gas your using to keep your engine running, you can use it to keep it moving.
13. Idling is one of the worst enemies of your mpg. More than 25 seconds of idling is just a waste of gas. Its more economical to just turn off the engine.
14. Drive-tru's. If you are going to buy fast food through a drive-thru, be prepared to waste more money on
your gas that is being wasted
 15. Antennas. It creates aerodynamic resistance.
 16. Using the AC.
17. Open windows at high speeds.
18. Driving in reverse.
19. Faulty PCV Valve.
20. Faulty E.G.R. Valve.
21. Jackrabbit starts
22.Lack  of maintenance
23. Braking.
24. Being at a standstill, every car gets 0 mpg when they are not moving.


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  2. I like to think negative sometimes. And with these negative variables pertaining to mpg rating are one angle to look for in improving your car's intake system and do so motivate yourself into proper care of cars.