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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What will increase your mpg?

The following factors will improve your gas mileage.
Increase MPG
1.  A properly maintained car.
2. Calm and consistent driving behaviors and habits.
3. A device that gives you feedback on your driving such as a ScanGaugeII.
4. Clean fuel injectors and fuel system.
5. A clean air filter.
6. Spark Plugs and spark plug wires.
7. Properly inflated tires and the tire thread.
8. Get the junk out of the trunk, the less weight in the car the better.
9. A clean throttle body.
10. A new fuel filter.
12. Clean ground wire terminals.
13. Driving the speed limit and maintaining constant speed.
14. Anticipating  the red or green lights ahead of time.
15. Coasting. This is your new best friend.
16. Proper engine oil weight.
17. Low rolling resistance tires.
18. A block heater (optional).
19. Driving without shoes. Professional NASCAR racers wear thin soles on their feet to feel the cars response more accurately, so their shifting times are more precise.
20. Not using the AC.
21. Keeping your windows closed.
22. Taking off your antenna(optional). It creates a slight aerodynamic resistance.
23. Regular PCV valve changes.
24. A Wholesale card, (cheaper gas prices).
25. Not driving is the best method to give you infinite mpg.
26. Clean EGR Valve.
27. Cold Air Intake* and Turbochargers*.
28. The closer your car is to the ground the more aerodynamic it is.
29. Slowing down immediately when a red light is seen, by the time you reach the stop the light will most likely change to green.* You will see many cars rush to a red light and suddenly brake.

* There is skeptism if an Cold Air Intake or a turbocharges would improve their mpg. Each car is different and reacts differently to upgrades. The automakers already tried to build the car to its maximum efficiently. If these upgrades are beneficial then why don't the cars they produce have cold air intakes and turbochargers? Some diesel cars actually benefit from having a turbocharger,

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  1. Some intakes use heat shields to isolate the air filter from the rest of the engine compartment, providing cooler air from the front or side of the engine bay. Some systems called "fender mount" move the filter into the fender wall, this system draws air up through the fender wall which provides even more isolation and still cooler air.