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Saturday, January 15, 2011


            What is MPG? MPG is the miles per gallon. It is the distance of how far a vehicle can travel per gallon. Your actual mpg may very depending on the kind of vehicle you own, its maintenance and the manner its driven. The cars mpg is very important if you are looking to buy a fuel-efficient automobile. When it comes to mpg, there are many factors that can increase or decrease your gas mileage. They are automotive care, driving behaviors(hypermiling) and consistency. The main key to having a high mpg is consistency because you have to be consistent with your cars maintenance schedule and your driving habits. The side effects of being "mpg conscientious" are longer tire renewals, less engine and  transmission wear, less brake wear and usage, higher service intervals, less visits to the local auto store, lowered probability of an unexpected engine problem, LOWER emissions, less pollution in the EARTH, less dependence on foreign oil, relaxation, peacefulness, increased SAFETY and MORE money staying in your pocket.

You can easily calculate your MPG by taking the total number of miles traveled and the amount of gallons used.  For example, if on my last trip I traveled 400 miles and I used 14 gallons my mpg would be 28.6.  That would mean that on that last trip, I averaged 28.6 miles per gallon. Here's the equation: (400miles/14gallons=28.6mpg). Every decision you make has a consequence or a reward, in this blog I will help you increase your mpg.  My question is what is your mpg?

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