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Friday, January 14, 2011

About MPG (Miles per Gallon)

            Hello, my name is Jairo Antonio Mendoza and I am 28 years old. In this blog I want to show you how to increase your gas mileage change. Like most cars, you most probably buy gasoline for your car just like me and pay for it. I don't like paying for gas, I'd rather use that money for something else. When I first bought my car, it was running in a bad condition, it was wasting more fuel, it was emitting more pollutants into the air and to top it off I was driving like a maniac.

         I had to replace and service many things such as the tires, battery, engine oil/filter, air filter, spark plugs, throttle body, brakes, electric and fuel system. At this time my gas mileage was lower than the EPA estimates and I was paying it with my wallet by visiting the gas pump more than I had too. I've changed my driving behaviors and kept up with the car's maintenance. Furthermore, Ive raised this little car's mpg well over the EPA estimates.  I had a strong urge to learn and it took me a while to increase my gas mileage with my car. 

         I created this sites in hopes that drivers out there can read these articles and improve their gas mileage. With a consistent worldwide effort we can lower our cars emissions and emit less pollution. When I come across a person that does not know about mpg, I can give them a long lecture about mpg. With best regards, I hope you can take something from this site and apply it to your car. Stay tuned for upcoming posts, I will post new material on a weekly basis.

P.S. Drive Safe!

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  1. It's a nice blog all in all and has something to do about air intake stuff. I'm just kinda new to this stuff so I guess I'll be hanging around a bit and read and learn something.