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Monday, April 18, 2011


Coasting is going to be your new best friend, if you are looking to save additional money on gas. When I drive in the city, I try my best to anticipate the traffic lights. If I see a red light, there is no point of accelerating and having to come to a complete stop, instead I coast and minimize the time I come to a complete stop. If I time myself and the lights correctly,  I will coast and not have to come to a complete stop. By using the coasting method, I lower my chances of having to make a complete stop. By the time I reach the traffic light, it usually changes green and I accelerate lightly to the speed limit. Whats better; going from 0-40mph or 25-40mph? 25-40!!! Be careful, because drivers may not know your intentions, they may not understand what you're trying to perform, you might get honked at. So check your rear view mirrors when coasting. Each time you press the accelerator you waste gas to move your car, braking  just destroys that effort that was created and most important your money.

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