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Saturday, March 19, 2011

How do you drive?

In order to start saving gas you will need a  good foundation. A first foundation  is the vehicles current condition. A car that is well maintained is more reliable, efficient, and will have longevity. Every car has its own limits, but its the driver that sets those limits. To increase your  gas mileage will have to start practicing new behaviors starting when you turn on the car and turning it off. I am a hypermiler. A hypermiler is a person who uses driving techniques to maximize their gas mileage. I make it a habit, a consistent effort to hypermile each time I drive. Hypermiling pays for itself and it doesn't make me decide whether I should give my arm or my leg at the gas station. Every time the car comes to a complete stop whether it is in "Neutral" or "Park", your car is getting 0 mpg. Idling is not good for the engines because the heat is not circulated properly, so it will build hot spots. Newer engines don't require to be warmed up, 10 seconds at most is good enough. The car will warm up faster if it is driven because the heat is circulated and not isolated. Here are some quick tips.

1. If you come to a red light, place the gear on neutral instead of Drive. The car uses more energy in the drive position and power is lost by having the car stopped.
2. If you are going to wait for more than 30 sec. turn off the car.
3. Do not wait to warm up the engine, fuel injected cars will warm faster if it is driven.
4. Go easy on the pedal.
5. Avoid braking. Using the brakes wastes fuel. Obviously you will have to brake at certain moments, many people use their brakes more than they have to.

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